About the designer


Eld Kommunikasjon

Eld is the designer Eirik Lia. Based in Oslo, Norway, Eiriks experience as a graphic designer started in 2002 and since then has worked for Norwegian and international clients. Elds work spans a broad and varied portfolio within a variety of services, productions, styles and target groups, including branding and interpretation design for public spaces, and creating props for television and films.

Eld welcomes work within the fields of printed material, UX design, digital illustration, advertising and web design.

Clients include

Anagram Norge, Web Rebels, Maipo Film, Carlings, Working Title Films, ExpologyMonster Scripted, Futatsu Industries, Fantefilm, Ark Bokhandel


Eld seeks to promote strategic design, sustainable solutions and pursue positive impact on the environment.


Identity and branding
Such as logo development, identity design, decoration and branding

Idea development for advertising concepts and products
Brainstorming, market analysis and presentation of ideas

Design strategy consultation
Building on market analysis and research in collaboration with the business strategy and understanding of the customer’s history, mission, vision and purpose

Project Management
Eld can help you manage your projects from start to finish

Sketching and digital illustration, photo editing and storyboarding
Having long experience with illustration, managing a wide range of styles and using the latest technologies, Eld can help you with any illustration need you have. Just tell Eld what you need, and consider it done!

Interface and user experience design
Eld have experience collaborating with developers and programmers to make your site work great, as well as looking good

Exhibition design, signage systems and interior decoration
Eld produces graphic design for museums, visitor centres, events and fairs

Prototypes, props and models
Eld can deliver models and props for different needs within the movie industry, retail or events