Brew Dog Bar Oslo / BD57

In the heart of one of Oslo’s coolest districts, you will find the BD57 beer bar. The world famous beer brand BrewDog wanted to establish themselves in Grünerløkka, Oslo – a very attractive market for newly started, independent beer brands, and received a breakthrough on the application in June 2015. After 10 years of intense work, BrewDog has become the world’s largest independent beer producer, and now has its charismatic beer bars spread all over the world.

The bar management wanted to use Eld, in collaboration with a group of artists to decorate the newly opened bar, in real BrewDog style – wild and creative.

Eld was asked to create “The Brewkvarium” and the beer brewing process – “The Brew Tank Clan” in the basement, and the backdrop of “Elk at sunset” (in collaboration with BrewDogs house artist Fisher), which is one of the first things to take your eye on when entering the bar. Everything was done with spray cans and acrylic markers. The feedback has been huge and the bar has become very popular in a short time.