Nobel (TV-series)

Nobel (2016) Tv-series

Nobel is a tv-series about a soldier that brings his traumas and war experiences back home. 

Elds role: Graphic designer

Eld made props that was heavily used throughout the series and cooperated closely with head creatives, art directors and set designers. Types of props: Signage systems in the Department of Foreign Affairs, military documents and new paper fronts as well as telephone screens and logos on cars.

The series got very popular in Norway, as well as abroad. It has acclaimed prizes such as:

Winner: Prix Europa: Best European Tv Movie or Mini-series of the Year: Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK) (broadcaster)
Golden Nymph: Winner: Outstanding Actor in a Drama TV Series: Aksel Hennie
Nominated: Best Drama TV Series / Outstanding Actress in a Drama TV Series: Tuva Novotny

Premiere: September 2016

Production company: Monster Scripted
Producer: Håkon Briseid
Director: Per Olav Sørensen
Manuscript: Mette Bølstad og Stephen Uhlander
Broadcaster: NRK
Total budget: 68.000.000 NOK
Episodes: 8 x 45 min.


Here’s a range of the different elements Eld produced for the Nobel series.
These include Newspaper fronts, logos, military strategy plans and signage for the Foreign Affairs HQ by others.