Web Rebels
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Web Rebels

Web Rebels is an annual non-profit conference addressing various topics within the Javascript programming language. All stakeholders are developers who work in different technology companies in the Oslo area. By the spring of 2018, I was engaged in producing the visual expression of Web Rebels 2018, which was held in June.

Elds role as a designer was to work closely with a smaller group of those involved consisting of three programmers and an interior designer. The work involved analyzing previous years’ expressions and establishing a style that will serve as a starting point for the event design for several years to come. Through some rounds of brainstorming and research, we agreed upon that the expression should be playful, technological and rough, and be somewhat open to variety at the level of detail. We decided that elements from nineties “cyberpunk” (known through computer games, anime, and science fiction) would be an exciting expression to have as a starting point composing a holistic design, in addition it could bring out nostalgic feelings in the target group.

Eld designed various web designs, screens, T-shirts, programs, stickers and tickets.

This meant typographic choices, color expressions, form, composition and illustration and combinations thereof, adapted to the different components. The color combination blue, turquoise, magenta and green was also utilized in the interior and lighting design.