Norsk Tindesenter

Norsk Tindesenter is Norway’s national center for rock climbing and dynamic outdoor activities. The center is located in Åndalsnes and was opened in the summer of 2016. The exhibitions tell the story of the pioneers who began to climb the peaks in the 19th century and up to today’s many climbing activities. The aim of the center is to strengthen Romsdalen municipality as a tourist destination. The target group is cruise and car tourists, as well as being a meeting point for mountain enthusiasts and climbers.

The exhibitions offer a combination of historical stories and interactive experiences that give visitors an insight into Norway’s spectacular scenery, athletes’ drive and the development of activities in the mountains. The center also offers an active climbing wall that is open to everyone. Eld was hired by Expology to assist with the graphic work on certain installations.Here you see an excerpt of the work that was done. Of which Norway’s mountain climbing destinations and the rock climbing timeline in Norway are represented.